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Cher-Make Sausage Company has made the commitment to an ideal . . . Keep it Authentic! We hardwood smoke full-flavor sausages to bring out the full, authentic flavor. The crew of Authentic Sausage Makers here in Manitowoc, Wisconsin take extreme pride in maintaining Old World recipes (with an occasional new world twist!) We invite you to check out our website and get to know the Authentic Sausage Makers story. Note: the story is best understood if you're enjoying some of our products as you read. By the way, the brand is pronounced "SURE-MAKE". My family name is pronounced "SURE-MOCK". Grandpa Emil was clever, but it was a bit confusing growing up. We hope you enjoy our new site and our new look. A few folks have asked about the new faces on the labels. We wanted to feature some people that are special to Cher-Make, like my grandfather, along with capturing the spirit of the people who make and enjoy our products...people like yourself, our families and friends. Authentic people who enjoy great tasting authentic sausage like ours!

Photo of Tom Chermak

President of Cher-Make Sausage
3rd Generation Authentic Sausage Maker

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