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Celebrating 90 Years Like Only We Can Oct 2, 2018

Welcome to our very first blog post. Cher-Make may be new to the blogging scene, but we know plenty about the sausage scene. We've been in business for 90 years now and we're proud of it!

To fully appreciate the craftsmanship of our product, we think it's important to understand the Cher-Make story. Let's take a little walk down memory lane.

In 1928, our founders, husband and wife Emil and Regina Chermak (sure-MOCK), opened a small butcher shop in Manitowoc. Their son, Art Chermak, hand-delivered the small-batch sausages to area stores, while his younger sister Betty helped out as the business grew.

Cher-Make quickly grew in popularity due to our focus on using only the freshest meats, hardwood smoke, and a signature blend of quality spices. In 1938, we expanded into a manufacturing plant in downtown Manitowoc, and into yet another in 1944—the same location where you'll find us today. In 1950, Betty's future husband, Merlyn Hoefner, teamed up with Art to set the foundation for growth and our dedication to authentic, hand-crafted small batch sausage making.

These days, Art's son, Tom Chermak, and Merlyn's son Chuck and son-in-law, Bill Becker, lead the company.

As you can see, family is important to us. And so are our products. We put our name on them—and that means something. It means we are dedicated to making a quality product you'll be happy to serve your own family—and that Cher-Make's a Difference.

We want to welcome you into the family by sharing this comforting Chermak family recipe that we've enjoyed in our home. With the crisp fall weather that has set in, there's nothing quite like coming home to something hearty, filling, and made with love. We hope your family will enjoy this recipe as much as we have over the years.