Authentic Sausage Products Are Meticulously Crafted Through a Defined Processing Method


Crafting Custom Sausage

The authentic sausage makers at Cher-Make understand that the all-important formulation process is where a great private label experience sets its base. We have a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about creating exceptional sausages tailored to your brand.

A variety of different formulations can be made exclusively yours, or you can select from some of our existing flavor options that are ready now.

The right blend of meats and spices will be found that meet your value proposition. You’ll find a new level of quality. Cher-Make will organize our production team and sausage making processes to meet your needs, producing the grind options, smoke flavors, and the product look that will get sales moving.


Ensuring Quality Every Time

At Cher-Make, we take pride in delivering unwavering consistency in every aspect of our sausage production. Whether you place an order today or a year from now, you can count on the authentic sausage makers at Cher-Make to maintain a standard of excellence.

This means consistent taste, consistent appearance, and a consistent overall experience.


Pairing the Perfect Techniques With Premium Products

Our commitment to crafting exceptional sausages extends beyond the choice of ingredients and smoking techniques. It’s a dedication to preserving time-honored traditions while embracing innovative methods. The result is a range of sausages that deliver a balance of authentic flavors, with the subtle complexity of hardwood smoked goodness and the nuanced infusion of liquid smoke. With each bite, you experience the rich history of our craft and the artistry that goes into every Cher-Make creation.

While we embrace modern computer controls for efficiency, we rely on our skilled artisans to ensure that quality is maintained. You can trust that we adhere to the latest food safety guidelines while preserving the timeless product color and flavor you love.


The Perfect Product Presentation

Packaging assumes a leading role in consumer sales, offering you a prime opportunity to make a lasting impression. Regardless of your product’s exceptional qualities, it’s essential for your packaging to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations for quality.

Choose from many options and size variations be it re-sealable, gas flushed or vacuum packed. Let’s get creative when it comes to packaging and labeling to make your brand stand out!


Regulatory Compliance and Real Impact

At Cher-Make, we’re here to add that extra sizzle to your sausages. We have the expertise and resources to help you craft a product appearance that seamlessly complements your existing private label offerings. Alternatively, we can guide you towards new directions that capture attention.

Our profound understanding of this vital aspect is integral to our private label success strategy for you. We’ve cultivated strong partnerships with expert design teams who can craft labels and packaging that authentically express your brand’s essence.

Rest assured, the finished label will adhere to Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) regulations, ensuring a swift and hassle-free approval process. Let’s make your sausages stand out in style!