• What does the "Sell By" date mean?

    The "Sell By" date is used to ensure that our products have been sold and consumed by the date stamped on the package to ensure maximum freshness. It can be found on the packaging film on all items except Braunschweiger and Ring Bologna where the code is stamped on the label. If our items have been stored and handled properly, the product is usually good for a week beyond the code. It is best to use common sense when evaluating the freshness of the product.

  • How long is the sausage good for once the package is open?

    For cooked sausage items such as Hot Dogs, Ring Bologna, Pre-Cooked Brats, Linked Sausage etc. we recommend that once the original package is opened the product is used within 4-5 days. It is best that the remaining sausage you wish to store is put in an air tight bag or container.

    For Summer Sausage, the product may last another 30 days in your refrigerator as long as it within its original code/sell by date. 

    Again, use common sense when using the sausage to make sure that the product is in a fresh state. If an item appears spoiled it is best to discard the remaining sausage.

  • Can your products be frozen?

    Yes, all of our products may be frozen. It is best to freeze the sausage in its original package. You can freeze our items for 1-2 months without affecting the flavor and quality of the sausage. Sausage frozen for more than 2 months will gradually undergo a loss of flavor and quality. If the original package has been opened please make sure the sausage is wrapped tightly to avoid freezer burn and the product from drying out.

  • When calling, writing or e-mailing Cher-Make Sausage with comments on our sausage, what information should I have ready?

    • The actual name and size of the product as it appears on the label.
    • The "Sell By" date as it appears stamped on either the package or label. (It can be found on the packaging film on all items except Braunschweiger and Ring Bologna where the code is stamped on the label.)
    • The place and date of purchase.
    • A good description of what you would like to communicate to Cher-Make.
    • Your name and contact information including address and phone number.
  • Are all Cher-Make Sausage items fully cooked and ready to eat?

    Yes, all of our items are fully cooked and are ready to eat. Naturally, some items such as our Home Game Brats are best when grilled, browned and fully heated through. Those that are traditionally served hot should be heated all the way through to enjoy maximum flavor.

    Braunschweiger and Summer Sausage can be sliced and served as is. It is best to keep these items cold until ready to serve.

    Always follow the proper storage procedures listed on the product label (Keep Refrigerated, Refrigerate after Opening).

  • Do you sell your products over the internet?

    At this point we have to disappoint our displaced Cher-Make fans as we are not set up to conduct e-commerce cost effectively. If you have an interest in ordering our products please let us know as we will be reevaluating this program periodically. Those who wish to know where you can purchase our Authentic Cher-Make Sausage products in Wisconsin please visit the "Store Locater" section of our site.

  • Are Cher-Make Sausage items gluten free?

    Yes all of our items are gluten free. We do have Monosodium Glutamate in a number of items that we sell. The MSG that we utilize is not made from wheat or gluten derivatives, but is made from raw sugar or corn. MSG is added to enhance the natural spices that we use in the following sausage offerings.

    • 24 oz. Polish Sausage
    • 12 oz Polska Kielbasa
    • 24 oz Pepper Jack Bratwurst
    • 24 oz Homegame Bratwurst
    • 14 oz Cheddi Links